Becki is co-author of the book Identity Safe Classrooms: Places to Belong and Learn. She has also published lesson guides on the topic of bullying and numerous blogs. Please contact Becki to contract for additional educational publications and blogs.

Identity Safe Classrooms: Places to Belong and Learn

This book is focused on a set of strategies that have a positive effect on student learning and attachment to schooling, in spite of real and powerful social inequalities. This evidence-based book is drawn from research showing that students from all backgrounds in identity safe classrooms learn better and like school more than their peers in other classrooms.  

In identity safe classrooms, teachers strive to ensure that students feel their identity is an asset rather than a barrier to success at school. Elementary teachers will learn the importance of teaching pro-social skills and cooperative learning in the context of high expectations and challenging curriculum.


The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys

Schools that routinely fail Black boys are not extraordinary. In fact, they are all-too ordinary. If we are to succeed in positively shifting outcomes for Black boys and young men, we must first change the way school is "done." That’s where the eight in ten teachers who are White women fit in... and this urgently needed resource is written specifically for them as a way to help them understand, respect and connect with all of their students.  

The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys brings together research, activities, personal stories, and video interviews to help us all embrace the deep realities and thrilling potential of this crucial American task. Dr. Cohn-Vargas wrote Chapter 11: "Identity Safety as the Antidote to Stereotype Threat."

Parent Guide: Preventing and Addressing Bullying and Intolerance 

In this guide, we first define bullying and intolerance. Next, we offer you concrete ways you can support your child to prevent or respond to bullying and as well as steps to get help from the school staff. We conclude with ways you can make a difference in your community to address and prevent incidents of bullying and intolerance.

A Guide for Law Enforcement: Preventing and Addressing Bullying and Intolerance

This guide is intended to be a primary resource for law enforcement officers who play a large role in helping educate children and adults about the problems resulting from bullying and ways to prevent and intervene in bullying incidents. Officers can also help targets of bullying break a cycle by being a trusted and safe adult to whom children can turn. They can help bystanders learn to speak up to stop bullying, and they can help children who bully transform their behavior and break out of patterns of behavior that lead to further harm.

Not In Our School Video Action Kit

This comprehensive toolkit features 20 films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone.

Not In Our School Identity Safe and Inclusive
School Program

The NIOS Program Guide is designed to help transform campuses into places where students of all backgrounds and identities feel valued and appreciated.

The Main Program Guide, with research on bullying, intolerance, identity safety, and ideas for getting the whole community involved with 27 writable surveys and planning forms.

     ● The NIOS Staff and Parent Professional Development Guide, with workshop agendas and 8 PowerPoints on training topics.
     ● The NIOS Classroom Lessons Guide, with lesson plans on equity, bullying, and intolerance, how to be an upstander,
         and 13 films.

     ● The NIOS Student-led Campaign Guide, with ­­step-by-step instructions for your campaign.

Our Family, a Film About Family Diversity

“It is important to have diverse children, to have diverse families in a school so you know how to include everyone… you don’t just go to the people who are like you, you reach out and embrace everyone.” Nathan, student, Peralta Elementary School, Oakland, CA

Nathan’s words capture the message of a new short film produced by Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas. The film was a collaboration by Not In Our School and Our Family Coalition. The film Our Family offers students a chance to see and talk about some of the many different family configurations we have in our communities.


Our Family Educator Guide: