Preventing and Addressing Bullying

Join thousands of Educators, Parents, and Students for a Session with Dr. Cohn-Vargas. Becki gives  keynotes, and offers workshops, seminars, and ongoing training opportunities for schools, organizations, and communities.

The sessions below can be customized for your needs and timeframes.

This interactive session introduces ways to support their students to not be targets of bullying, bullying others, or standby and watch bullying and hurtful teasing. Participants will explore the impact of bullying and stereotyping in children’s lives and will discuss the importance of building empathy and intercultural understanding in their children. They will also learn ways to support their children and to prevent bullying among siblings and friends at home. Participants will learn how to dev5elop school-home partnerships to foster safe and inclusive environments.

Participants will:

  • Define bullying and identify best practices for bullying prevention and intervention
  • Understand the impact of bullying and intolerance on children
  • Implement strategies to address prevent and address bullying and cyberbullying
  • Help children learn not to bully or tease others.
  • Learn ways to help children speak up and be upstanders instead of as bystanders in a bullying situation.

(Can be designed as introductory or full-day sessions for educators, students, and/or parents and caregivers. Available in Spanish.)