Inspiration and tools to promote compassion, identity safety, and inclusive schools and communities.

My name is Becki Cohn-Vargas and I am an educator, bullying prevention specialist, author, and speaker focused on inclusion, compassion and belonging. I can support you through coaching, seminars, and blogs and other publications to help you raise identity safe children, create safe school climates, and travel to the rain forest for environmental education, research, and community service.

What is Identity Safety?

Identity safe classrooms are those in which teachers strive to ensure students that their social identities are an asset rather than a barrier to success in the classroom. Acknowledging students’ identities, rather than trying to be colorblind, can build the foundation for strong positive relationships. This, coupled with challenging opportunities to learn, can help all students begin to feel they are welcomed, supported, and valued as members of the learning community. Visit the Identity Safe Classrooms website here.

Almost Lost: The Heinemann Legacy

Becki’s film “Almost Lost, The Heinemann Legacy” tells an amazing story of her great great grandfather, Marcus Heinemann and his 17 children in Lueneburg, Germany. The film shows a time when her great, great, grandfather was a leader in the town and suddenly all was lost with the horrors of the Nazi period.  The legacy reveals itself in a unique moment of restitution, reconciliation, and healing.

Blogs For Women

Becki’s blog posts cover a range of topics that promote safety, inclusion, and acceptance for both youth and adults.  She has been a Guest blogger for Edutopia, CNN, Teaching Tolerance, Not In Our Town, the National PTA, and the American Federation of Teachers. Read Becki's Blogs for Women here.

Makengue Reserve in Nicaragua

Makengue is a 190-acre private reserve owned by Becki Cohn-Vargas and Rito Vargas,  located along the Pocosolito River that feeds into the San Juan River in southern Nicaragua along the border with Costa Rica. The mission of the Makengue Reserve is to conserve rainforest biodiversity through environmental research, international education, and engaging the local community. Learn more about Makengue Reserve here.